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Prescriptions and Over-the-Counter Medicine

Park Pharmacy carries a full line of Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medication. We have (or can order) just about any medication available. We accept all major insurances and have very competitive prices if you don't have insurance. Please call or visit our store for details.

Medical Equipment & Home Health Care

Park Pharmacy offers a full line of medical equipment and home heath care supplies, including Medela products and rentals. Many items are conveniently stocked at our store. Special order items arrive to our store the next business day.
Back Brace
Medical Equipment

Limit the motion of the your spine after fracture or post-operative fusions, as well as a preventative measure against some progressive conditions.

Knee Brace
Medical Equipment

Help reduce pain by shifting your weight off the most damaged portion of your knee.

Wrist Brace
Medical Equipment

Combine function, comfort, and a great fit to reduce wrist pain. Lightweight and thin.

Medical Stockings
Medical Equipment

Utilize graduated compression technology to help improve circulation and energize your legs.